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Chapter 12 - Olivia's Hot Water


Will’s assignment for the rest of the meeting was to take candid shots of the staff while I worked with Aaron and Fiona. Much later, when Will was leaving, I made a point to say goodbye.

“Hey, Will.” He turned in the doorway to face me. “Can you make sure you come to the before school meeting tomorrow to work on the new candids?”

He glanced around like he was sure I had to be talking to someone other than him. “Uh, sure.”

“Great! See you then.”

He lifted his hand in a half wave then spun toward the door as if he had to hurry out. Even his posture seemed straighter like he was pumped. It made me smile, too. I liked being in charge.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I regretted my brilliant idea about the candids. I received a text message from Paul.


thought you wanted to take a break from dating




didnt know you were into farmers




check out Barnyard’s profile pic on FriendPost.


My first instinct was to tell Paul how juvenile he sounded when he called Will Barnard that name, but I was curious about why he wanted me to check out the picture. I signed onto the site and searched for Will. As soon as his profile loaded I was surprised by what I saw and also knew what Paul’s issue was. Will had used the candid of the two of us with his arm around me and made it his profile picture.


Steve Jones:  ROFL  Sarah right, well mybe a barn animal would date him   MOOOOOOO


Amber Smith: OINK OINK 


Stephanie Adkins: LOSER!!!!!!!


Chris Porter:  STOP!! Will is a good guy.  Knock it off!!!!!!!  Jerks


Phil Larson: WA WA WA Chris, get a life.  Chris when Will gets sex change, that mean u guys wuld b gay?  LOL


Crystal Blanchet:  ROFL  Phil does it matter, gay r straight no one would ever date this loser, does he have any friends, beside chris but chris is loser too so WHO CARES


Phil Larson: Crystal, u r soooooo smart, I knw they can live in a barn 2gether   LOL


Claire Newman:  LOL who cares where he goes,  JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca Kingman:  LOZER!!!! I still cant believe that he put that pic up on his site of Olivia and him. There is NO WAY Olivia wuld ever hang with him. Only way is ybook club. Olivia being nice take pic for ybook and this lozer takes it way 2 far. WILL GO AWAY no one wnts u around here


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Marc Brady: WOW becca tell us how u relly feel  LOL  group should be  GO AWAY WILL


Rebecca Kingman:  Marc u r wrong if Will went away we would miss him  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah Wilks:  LOL becca u crack me up.  Will see what u have done, no one likes u


I scrolled down farther to see if the tone of the messages changed, but the more I read, the more my stomach twisted. I’d heard about groups like this before, but I’d never seen one. The fact that so many kids would participate shocked me. What was most disturbing was that there were very few comments from kids disagreeing with the activity and comments on the page. Even my friends were being mean. 


sat back in my chair, feeling helpless. I couldn’t see any way that Will could fight back against these comments.