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Chapter 11 - Michael's Mistake



There were a lot more congratulatory comments on my FriendPost page. If I were walking on clouds I couldn’t have been any higher. I was invincible. I clicked off that site and moved over to my MesssageMe profile. Dustin and I had already planned a poker party for Saturday night at my house, but I saw that he’d turned it into a different kind of party thanks to my news. I had to laugh. Dustin had been bugging me that we should invite more people since we had the whole house to ourselves, but I’d held off. I could only afford so much food and drink. But, he had already taken matters into his own hands and posted an invitation on MessageMe.


Dustin: Party at Mike’s Saturday night. ‘rents gone for weekend. Gotta celebrate scholarship. Who’s in?


Lisa: me what time?


Bob: be there


Rick: in


Rochelle: count me in


Chris: on it



            Those were only the first comments. The responses seemed endless. I stopped counting after twenty. It felt good to know that many people wanted to come to a party I was having. Maybe I’d beat Craig Messier’s guest list that topped fifty a few weeks ago.




After everyone left and I had the house cleaned up from the party, I looked at the “newsfeed” on my FriendPost page and there were already pictures from the party up because people had posted from their cell phones during the party. I had been linked in two pictures, the one with Artemis and one with a couple of guys from the baseball team. The blue cup I held seemed to jump off the page. What a party! 

I had planned to sleep in late Sunday, but a little after 8 a.m. my cell phone rang.

           “Mike!” It was Dustin and he sounded panicked. “Dude, you gotta turn on Channel 7 News quick.”

           “What?” I rubbed the heel of my hand into my eyes to encourage them to open.

           “There was an accident. Turn on the news.”

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