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Chapter 10 - Hannah's Hot Water



I wasnít comfortable doing a real nude picture, but I thought if I did something that would make it look like I didnít have anything on, that would be cool. All of a sudden I had a great idea, and it actually made me laugh out loud. I took my yellow bikini out of my dresser and put that on. Iíd tell Todd that was one of our suit choices. I didnít want him to see the bikini, so I had to set it up to look like I wasnít wearing it.

On my bed I had one of those pillows that you could sit up against and it was like the back of a chair. I grabbed that and set it on the floor a few feet away from the full length mirror. My stomach fluttered, but I wasnít sure if it was from apprehension or excitement. There was a little thrill in knowing Todd was waiting.

Next, I put on dangly earrings that Todd once told me made me look sexy. Then with a touch of make-up, I was ready to send him the picture he wanted. Well, at least the only one I was comfortable sending.

I sat down on the floor behind the pillow and pulled my bikini strap down so it couldnít be seen in the reflection. I angled myself so I could drape my bare arm and leg over the back and sides of the pillow. The end result was just what I was looking for. From this angle, I could take the picture in the mirror and it looked like I was naked. I perfected my pose then snapped the picture on my phone. Todd would love it.

Before I sent it, I looked at it. I was surprised at how well I had done. The picture looked like it could go on one of those skanky calendars some of the guys liked.

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