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Chapter 9 - Christine's Confusion



Sherry’s eyes opened wide. “You’re friends with her?”

“Only on-line. There are a bunch of Drama Club people on-line, so we’ve friended each other.” I dipped the brush in the bottle one more time. “I’d never be friends with her otherwise. She’s so weird.”

“Can I see the video? I don’t even know what she looks like.”

 Yeah, sign in to my account and go to her page.  It’ll be under her videos on her page.”

Sherry swiveled on the chair and reached for the mouse. While I finished painting my nails on my left hand, her fingers tapped away on my keyboard.

She stood. “Okay, do you want to come over and put in your password?”

I held my hands with the wet fingernail polish up toward her. “Does it look like I can type in a password? I’m not messing up the polish over Tracy Weston. I’ll just tell you what it is.”

Sherry sat back down. “Are you sure you want to give me your password?”

“You’re my best friend. Why not?”




The next morning started out like every school day. I showered, dressed, ate breakfast and checked my e-mail and FriendPost page before leaving for school. My inbox was full of e-mails, so many that I probably wouldn’t be able to read all of them before school, but I decided to read a few. I figured my friends were just excited for me and wanted to congratulate me.

The first couple of e-mails were exactly what I thought, but then I opened one from a girl who was a friend through Drama Club, and I was confused.


Randy Newcomb: Wow! That was low. I was excited 4 u until I read ur comments about Tracy.


Nicole Davidson: i was excited that u got the lead role until i saw what u wrote on tracys wall


I had no idea what their e-mails were talking about. Even though I had briefly considered it, I hadn’t written anything on Tracy’s wall. I typed in her name and went to her profile. I was shocked to see several messages about me, but they weren’t good messages. They were comments about how nobody loves me more than I do and everyone should just ignore me.


      My mouth went so dry I could barely swallow. The words were wavy in front of me, but I was so shocked that I swiped at my tears and kept reading. It seemed like half the kids at the high school thought I was a heartless creep, and I didn’t even know why until I suddenly came across a posting with my name on it.


Christine Zoftlin: If u want to know why Tracy didn’t get the role of Hodel go check out her video. Pigs being slaughtered sound better.


    I stared in disbelief. Now I understood why I’d received those e-mails from my friends and why Tracy’s friends were posting such horrible comments about me. There was my picture and my name next to those nasty comments, but I hadn’t written them. I wasn’t even on-line when they were posted. I shook my head, bewildered, until it hit me.


I hadn’t been on-line, but I knew who had.


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