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R U In

Chapters  6 and 7 - Lindsay's Lack of Judgement


I was totally psyched that Jarod sounded interested in me. I couldnít wait to tell Alyssa. I was going to close out of the chat room when I heard the tone telling me Iíd received an instant message. I checked out the message but didnít recognize the screen name. It made me a little nervous, but I opened the message anyway.


Speeddemon: hey saw your message u were at game Sat?

cheercrzygrl: yup, who this

Speeddemon: Steve - you?

cheercrzygrl: Lindsay. Do I knw u?

Speeddemon: I dont think so, by your screen name I see u cheer, were u cheering at game?

cheercrzygrl: yup. Who r u?

Speeddemon: I told u, steve which team were u cheering for?


Speeddemon: very cool I must have seen u then, I was there watching

cheercrzygrl: u go to my school?

Speeddemon: no but my niece goes to the other school, the one u guys were playing

cheercrzygrl: niece  how old r u?

Speeddemon: 25  u?


I couldnít believe a 25 year old guy wanted to talk to me. Me? Usually the guys talk more to my friends than me, but not this time. Steve was talking only to me, not even in the room. This was private between just us. In some ways, it weirded me out, but it was exciting, too.

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