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Chapter 5 - David'sDifficulty


As my dad says, Iíve learned a lot of lessons the hard way. For example, one lesson I learned the hard way was to always wear a helmet when skateboarding. I learned it the hard way, because I found out concrete sidewalks arenít forgiving if your flip kick doesnít work out and you miss the board. When you lose your balance, fall and the back of your head smacks the cement, itís pretty hard. A concussion and eighteen stitches later, I learned to wear my helmet, especially if I was going to try tricks. I still have a two inch scar where the hair never grows in right. That was a lesson I learned the hard way Ė literally.

            There have been lots of others, too, but none of them were as bad as the latest one. Like the scar on the back of my head, my stupid mistake on the Internet was something I learned from the hard way.  The scar I have from the Internet incident isnít something anyone can see, but I know itís there every time I think about posting a picture.

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