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Chapter 4 - Patti's Pandemonium


Derek handed me his phone. I called up a new text message then glanced down at my phone’s screen and punched Jocelyn’s number into Derek’s phone and left a message. 


meet me in dugout 2moro b4 school


I smiled and started to hand the phone back to him when it beeped with a return message. I quickly pulled it back.

“Oh, probably my parents.”  I clicked on the message and saw the simple single letter response from Jocelyn. 




I deleted it then handed the phone back to Derek. “Yup, just my parents. Thanks.”

I couldn’t believe how easy this plan was turning out to be. Derek had no idea he’d just helped me set up Jocelyn.

The next morning Beth, Maria, Sara and I met at the dugouts early. I took the mixture of chocolate frosting, shaving cream, and eggs that Maria had put in a plastic container and transferred it to a doggy poop bag. Perfect! I pulled on a couple of the plastic gloves my mother used for cleaning then we waited.

I peered through the opening between the two dugouts and saw Jocelyn coming across the baseball field. She looked really happy like this was going to be the best morning of her life. Boy, was she in for a surprise!

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