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Chapter 2 - Becca's Birthday



“Write about video chat games.”

Simultaneously, Maddie and I said, “What are those?”

“I don’t really know, but I saw a story on TV this morning about a video chat game on-line. It’s called Stop On Me. It hooks you up with random people.”

Corrina had my attention, and by the way Maddie suddenly sat up, she obviously had hers, too. “I don’t get it,” Maddie said.

“I don’t know how it works, either, except you use a webcam and microphone and you can see and talk to people who are signed onto it at the same time.”

I tried to picture talking to strangers on the computer. What would we talk about? “It sounds kind of weird to me.”

“The reporter on the show was hooked up to it, and the network kept blocking out pictures on the screen while she was reporting. She was saying things like, ‘Oh my’ and ‘Censor that’, and stuff like that,” Corrina said. “She made it sound like it was kind of a risky thing.”

“That’s dumb. How could it be risky if you don’t even know the people?” Maddie asked.

Corrina shrugged. “I dunno. Some of the images that came up of people on there looked like kids our age.”

“Is it free?” I asked.

“I think so,” Corrina answered. “The reporter logged on in front of the camera during the show. I didn’t see her put in payment information.”

Maddie launched off the bed. “If it’s free then it can’t be bad. We should try it.” She was right behind me in a second.

“Try what?”

She leaned over me and started typing. “Duh! Stop On Me. Let’s see what it is.” She clicked “go”.

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