R U In Danger.net
 A must-read for all family members. Very insightful and thought-provoking. Parents, whether we like it or not, times have changed and we must adapt to what is happening with our children and their interaction with technology. We need to be involved in teaching our children about technology and not relying on them to teach themselves. Our children are facing a very different world. They are far more exposed to others than we realize. Many, sadly, are not thinking through the long term consequences for the information and images they are sharing. Take the time to sit with your children and learn the lessons this book has to offer.

~ Mike Piechota, father of four and a computer forensic examiner and police officer in Western Colorado
My main goal as a Youth Officer in Law Enforcement is to keep my community's children safe in town and on-line. It's hard to convince teens that what they do on-line or through texting can impact their lives for many years to come. The authors of www.RU in Danger.net use an original platform to not only present real-life scenarios to teens, but also test teens' abilities to recognize the dangers and consequences of common day occurrences in today's "sexting" and Internet world. The book is a must-have teaching aid for law enforcement, school systems, parents and teens everywhere.

~ Kristina Vetrano, Police Officer and computer forensic examiner
A must-read and discuss book for all parents and their children. Each chapter follows the actions of a specific teen and illustrates how easily something seemingly innocent can quickly turn into a nightmare such as having contact with a would-be predator in an online chat room or cyber bullying on a social networking site.

~ Dana Sanderson, Mother
Unfortunately, this kind of brutality is a reality to some kids today. I believe kids should be educated about how quickly things can spin out of their control, because they donít fully grasp the seriousness of the repercussions that will be incurred in todayís modern cyber society. I want to share these stories right away with my class and hopefully enlighten our teenagers. I really appreciate the authentic style used in this fictional scenarios and I found myself putting faces to the kids in the stories . Itís real and a very useful tool for teachers today.

The scenario in Chapter 12 seems like a very accurate depiction of what unfortunately happens in our schools. The Phoebe Prince case has had an impact on schools in Massachusetts. We now address our students and educate them in what bullying is and its effects on others. Everyoneís behavior needs to change. Bullying canít be tolerated by anyone! As an educator, I want to help kids to understand that encouragement and compliments will be much more effective than insults and criticism.

I think these stories will be very effective in educating our kids about responsibility and repercussions that could last a lifetime. We live in a modern and very intolerant society. Laws have changed and educators and law enforcement are becoming very aware of the effect kids have on each other. I believe schools should provide the stories in this book to their students!

~ Steve Edwards, Secondary Public School Teacher - 16 years experience
As grandparents of kids who are starting to use technology for school projects and entertainment, this book is an essential tool in our grandparenting tool box. We donít want our grandchildren to fall into the kinds of safety traps the kids in the bookís scenarios did, and this book educates them, and us, on how to avoid them and stay safe.

~ Bob and Margaret Rudenauer
An interesting ó and important ó read for any teen or tween in your household. What they will learn from each chapter will make a difference in the lives of today's tech-driven young adults. This book is going under the Christmas tree for my young teen daughters and their cousins!

~ Suzanne Cordatos, Mom and High School Guidance Tutor
As a parent of three children - I'd recommend this book to all parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents out there. It is CRITICAL to educate our children of the dangers (and benefits) of the Internet. The style with which this book is written brings out the concepts to help us teach our children in a very easy to read manner. Much thanks to the authors for giving us such a great reference!

~Diane (parent to Becca-19, Dan-17 and Ken-15)