Scott Driscoll

Scott Driscoll started his law enforcement career in 1989 and is still a police officer for a local police department in Connecticut. During his career, Scott has served in many divisions but for most of his career he has been a youth officer. As a youth officer, Scott was able to build rapport and relationships with the youth in his community and the school system. In 1992 Scott began teaching drug education in the local school system and this started his journey into teaching. Since 1992 Scott has taught thousands in the schools and towns on numerous topics regarding safety.
As a youth officer Scott was trained on talking to children about the dangers of the Internet. This first training was to teach 5th graders how to be safe while they were on the world wide web. Once he established his knowledge of the Internet, Scott developed numerous Internet safety presentations for all age groups.

In 2003 Scott became a member of the FBI Innocent Images Task Force out of New Haven, Connecticut. During his tenure with this task force, Scott led and assisted in numerous operations involving computer crimes against children. These investigations included undercover online investigations, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography and other crimes involving child victims. While he was investigating these crimes, he realized one element to computer crimes was missing - education on safety. This was the impetus for Scott to begin teaching groups outside of the schools about Internet dangers and how to be safe on the Internet.
In 2005, the Internal Revenue Service, in conjunction with the Secret Service and U.S. Immigrations and Customs, awarded Scott the Computer Investigative Specialist 2000 training. This training provided Scott an opportunity to become a computer forensic examiner which allows him to assist law enforcement agencies all over the state of Connecticut with computer related investigations.

The demand for Scottís presentations grew so fast that he could no longer accommodate the requests as part of his duties as a police officer. In 2007, Scott started a consulting/education business called Internet Safety Concepts. With this company, Scott has been able to reach more people through conferences and seminars. His message is clear: if you donít think about safety while you are on the Internet, you can put yourself and your family in harmís way. Scott has presented to thousands of students, parents, religious groups, education administrators, teachers and the law enforcement community.

Several newspaper articles and television stories have been published due to Scottís investigations and presentations. Periodicals included The Associated Press, The Hartford Courant, Glastonbury Citizen, Hartford Magazine, Connecticut Life, South Windsor Life, and The South Windsor Reminder. Several articles in circulation have referred/quoted Scott when internet safety is the topic. Several local news stations have interviewed and covered Scottís investigations. These investigations have primarily led to the arrest of several on-line predators where Scott was undercover as a youth on the internet.

Recently Scott has worked with Connecticut Law Enforcement on developing classes to educate law enforcement officials on using the internet as a tool for investigations.

Scott lives in Connecticut with his wife and two children who are 14 and 11. He has seen, first hand, the dangers of the Internet, not only through his childrenís eyes, but while conducting undercover investigations. Through all of his experiences and training, Scott truly understands the dangers that could occur while using the world wide web.
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